About The Stock Market Live

The Stock Market Live is Stock Market Insight Provider.

To summarise what we do briefly, “The Stock Market Live” is currently catering to day-to-day retail investors in India by providing necessary investing/trading tools, FREE Learning, and E-books. We are focused to teach stock market investing in order to learn, invest, grow, & spend money wisely.

Since our inception in 2019, we have served thousands of people to take a significant step in investment. We offer FREE Stock investing E-books, basics of the stock market, free courses, Premium Telegram channel for FREE, and videos to our target audience. At present, our digital strength has crossed over +510k monthly audience interaction.

The Vision of “The Stock Market Live”

The Vision of ‘The Stock Market Live’ is to improve financial literacy in India by providing Basic knowledge and updates of the Stock market, Commodity market, Currency Market, Real Estates, Investment Strategies, Mutual funds, and much more.